Grayland proposes the creation of a liminal space where the sense of self-identity is diluted and mixed with an artistic experience.

The suggestion of liminality takes form in the use of grays throughout the exhibition. The multimedia, video, sound and paint exhibition references tangentially the gray dot of Paul Klee and presents a narrative journey that confronts the spectator with a threshold of space that facilitates change.

The confrontation with this space should modify the plastic experience, generating the possibility of new sensory perspectives on the viewer.

Grayland is an original conceptualization by White Gross, and the sequential sample matrix at the root of the exhibition is based on the intersection of the liminal and the geographical spaces.

The exhibition consists of several parts organized in a succession of rooms or alternatively in a single partitioned space presented as a labyrinthine journey.


      1- Video and Sound installation
          Water installation

      2- Series of nine paintings and objects in which the treatment of color and grayscale presents deterioration and dematerialization of the tint and tone.

      3- Video installation - sound and images accessed through a series of peep-holes and the use of headphones.

      4- Mirror installation and paint panel with silver leaf objects - Graphite and oil on canvas paintings.

      5- Multimedia presentation with sensors and dissociation and image and sound.        

Ivana Blanco Gross